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I'm in the middle of convincing myself that it's okay to take the night off. I don't think I'm persuaded yet.

I really ought to be out there. Winter nights are bad because the sun stays down forever and the dead don't feel the chills. It's nasty.

But I can't. A leech child had jumped feet-first onto my instep some time ago. It was fine so long as I minded my kicks, until the other night. Fucking zombie can't tell its left from its right, so it just shuffles forward. It trips on a doorjamb, falls like a log, and lands its hollow but rather heavy head on my goddamn foot.

I fucking hate this job. Which I should be doing, foot pain or not, because who the hell else is gonna keep some of those places clean? You? You're all bundled indoors, secure in your "knowledge" that the bads aren't real, can't get you, that the shadow that twitched on the street corner is just a trick of the flickering streetlight.

Sure. And I'm the Prince of Prussia.

I should suck it up. Be a woman. Swallow some painkillers and maybe a little liqour. Get out there and save the world. Again.

Damn it. Whatever I end up doing, this is going to be one hell of a night.


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