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Wahoo, somebody found me a Tser and then she found an inn with a me!

Side note: If you're going to fall asleep on a floor, at least wait until you're in a place that's been cleaned lately. I swear those dust bunnies are sentient and like to hide up nostrils that get too close.
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I'm sleeping the night in an inn's bed. I would claim that a strange bed inhibits proper sleep, but my usual bed is a slab with linens on top. I'll have to remember to set an alarm tonight. And to wear nightclothes instead of denim, because that's ridiculously uncomfortable. *cough*

Lately I've wondered about roads not taken. It's all futile, of course, outside of a few ideas for improving my existing self. Like portals. I'd like to learn a way to open portals without hurting. Insert joke here about my innate clumsiness -- go on, you know you want to. Seriously now, it hurts. Every time I open a portal to someplace new, my bones ache for hours afterward. I don't have migraines, but I think it's comparable to a full-body migraine. It's because I don't have my own magical ability really; I just draw on my life force, which doesn't go far, isn't meant to be used for that, and leaves a gap of ache that takes its sweet time to refill.

Portals are why I drink. Alcohol makes it hurt less by making me not care that it hurts like hell. There are worse pains: sharper, heavier, twistier. But this is mine.

It has been a long, long time since I last went on a real quest. Mostly I kill time at bars and parties. Maybe that's what I'm looking for: a mission. You could go all psycho babble and claim I'm looking for myself (though I'm right here, see? Not lost at all).

At this moment I'm just looking for an extra blanket. There's a chill tonight.


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