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Name:Jaina Jade
Birthdate:Jan 17
Jaina Jade

Jaina Jade is a rogue vampire hunter, formerly affiliated with a religious sect that demands its members to kill monsters. She begged to differ; they booted her out.

She fled her home dimension to find herself among elves, pixies, and magical beings for which she didn't have a name. She took to the elves, and they to her; an elf prince even adopted her as her sister (a day reckoned in our calendar as January 17, 2000 A.D, which Jaina now celebrates as her birthday).

Jaina's wanderings continued, leading her to a nameless inn and a tall, pale, and handsome man who treated her like a lady even though she wore bloodstained work clothes. They make a cute (if wan) couple.

Despite finding love and a home, Jaina isn't a stay-put sort of woman. She travels constantly, going from an inn to her private spaceship to the world of her birth, and wherever else her fancy leads her.

Jaina Jade / Honorary Elf and Adopted Sister of Galain / Certified this day, January 17, 2000

In a relationship with [ profile] suitov

Genetic family: (none)

Adopted family:
Lunzie Istari (sister)
Zara Jade (niece)
Galain Alcarin (brother)
Foxxfire Evenstar
Flute Aslora

Friends: Lance ([ profile] slutangel), [ profile] basaltine

[personal profile] pasht, [ profile] weft

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Weft is Tonkinese rainbow love.

PHOTO CREDIT - Barb Henry, mahalie, Dr Stephen Dann, liquidpaper, Nic Walker
Made by [ profile] hellmutt

Also: [ profile] jainajade

Writer: [personal profile] ree

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